Largest Casino in Southeast Asia

Casino-Currently playing online gambling is indeed a trend, because more and more people are curious to play it. Online gambling is now popular all over the world. This is because of the benefits that online gambling winners can get, which can reach millions. For online gambling players, of course, this is very common. However, have you ever imagined playing in a real casino? If you feel America is too far away to play in a prestigious casino, you can travel around Asia because Asia also has many grand casinos that are not inferior to world class casinos. These are the three largest casinos in Southeast Asia.

Grand Ho Tram Strip – Vietnam

Gambling players are certainly familiar with The Grand Ho Tram Strip, which is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This casino has become one of the largest casinos in Southeast Asia and a must-visit destination for gambling players in Asia. The reason is, The Grand Ho not only provides a casino to play gambling, but also with all the pomp and luxury that can spoil the eyes of visitors. The Grand Ho is entitled to the title of the largest casino in Southeast Asia because it provides hundreds of slot machines, namely as many as 500 slot machines. Not only that, there are 90 gaming tables for various other gambling games such as baccarat, roulette, Sic Bo, stud poker, blackjack, ETG roulete, from poker hold em. You can experience this VVIP facility here by ordering The Pearl Room service. Here you will feel comfortable playing and eating and drinking for free


World Dragon- Fillipina


Cambodia has the grandest casino, namely Naga World. Naga World provides exclusive services in the form of hundreds of gambling games and thousands of slot machines for 24 hours. There are 300 gaming tables and 2000 slot machines that can be played. Not only that, Naga Wolrd also provides a premium hall and game room. Games that you can play include poker hold em, sports book, and keno. If you want to experience a more exclusive service, then you can play at VIP Private which has a higher betting limit and various other exclusive offers.


Genting Highland – Malaysia

Malaysia also has the largest casino, namely Genting Highland. This area is the only area where gambling is legal, so that many casinos are built that you can visit, many types of games that you can play including various other kinds of entertainment. Genting highland has a popular place, namely Genting World Resort. The games that can be played include baccarat, both Gow, roulette, blackjack, and various other gambling games that are no less exciting because there are 426 gambling tables and 3140 slot machines to choose from.


Marina Bay Sands -Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is a giant casino gambling resort called Las Vegas Sands Corporation. This casino was officially opened in 2011. It has a unique building, namely 3 skyscrapers with a boat-like building on top.

Marina Bay Sands features 2,561 hotel rooms. In addition, there are many types of entertainment attractions that are suitable for families, and are equipped with luxurious restaurants with world-class chefs


City Of Dream- Filipina

Casino of dream rummy opened to the public in 2015. City of dream provides many hotels for all visitors who will rest. Naga world in Cambodia is also included in the best casino in Southeast Asia. A lot of entertainment is available at this place, many foreign visitors come to feel the different sensation of playing this casino in the Philippines.


So, here are the biggest casinos in Southeast Asia, thank you for visiting our website

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