Best and Largest Casino in Macau

Macau has long been the gambling capital of Asia. In the past the casino was owned by billionaire Stanley Ho in 2002. Immediately the Chinese government stepped in and stopped the monopoly and opened its doors to new investors including foreigners who brought multibillion dollar companies to the island. Currently, Macau has at least 34 casinos where each casino has its own specialties. Here is a list of casinos in Macau.



1. MGM Casino Macau

Macau is a resort with as many as 600 rooms. This building is operated as an MGM International resort. It has an area of ​​20,630 square meters and the grand ballroom is 807 meters wide. Mgm macau offers a sensible selection of hundreds of table games and around 1,000 slot machines. Many facilities are offered at this place such as entertainment, dining and shopping centers.


2. Grand Lisboa Casino

Grand lisoba has 47 floors with a height of 261 meters owned by Sociaede de Tourismo. This casino offers 800 gaming tables and 1,000 slot machines. The hotel features 430 hotel rooms and suites. Grand Lisboa is Macau’s tallest building and one of the most striking parts of the skyline. This hotel also has complete facilities with the best chef. The restaurant opened on 11 February 2007.


3. Venetian Macao Casino

Venetian macao is a luxury hotel and casino resort owned by the American Las Vegas Sands company. The hotel has 39 floors with an area of ​​10,500,000 square feet. Venetian is the largest casino in Macau in the world, the largest single structure hotel building in Asia. Venetian has 550,000 casino space with 3,400 slot machines and 800 gaming tablesThis casino has the theme of Golden Fish, Red Dragon, Imperial House and Phoenix. The hotel offers a club called Paiza Club to cater to premium guests. The game area at Paiza Club is divided into several rooms.


4. Rio Casino

Equipped as the royal palace of Italy, the Rio Hotel and Casino is one of the most respected names in Macau. Where every detail is designed with your pleasure in mind. The rooms and suites are so elegant. To non-stop game action, a variety of recreational facilities, and a world of mouth-watering snacks, everything is in Rio. The hotel has an indoor pool, suites, basic rooms, a concierge service, limo service, transportation, and many others


 5. Babylon Macau Casino

babylon macau

Babylon has something different in style and architecture. Stained windows and a gothic looking design set this place apart from any place it has been struggling with. Located in Fisherman’s Wharf right next to the Rocks Hotel. The Rocks Hotel is right on the water and is an awesome non-crowing spot right on Fisherman’s Wharf which is great at night. Babylon Casino has a 50,000-square-foot casino floor featuring 25 slots, 55 table games and dining options. Games include Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Slots, Sic Bo, and Luck Wheel




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