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Casino – offers a long list of table games, from standard blackjack rules to some very obscure hybrids. When you look at the relative popularity of these games, you will be surprised at how similar the percentages are compared to the space for these games in a brick and mortar casino. This is one area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife where online and in-person experiences are a perfect fit.

You’ll find the most popular table games below, along with the overall percentage of traffic that each game enjoyed. This will vary from casino to casino of course. The percentage doesn’t quite add up to 100% – I’ve explained why at the bottom of this page.

There is no reason you should play these games without enjoying any bonuses. If your current casino doesn’t keep you like a VIP (regardless of your bet level) then make sure you find a suitable venue!

The Five Most Popular Online Casino Games

# 1 – Blackjack 31% Action Casino Games


Blackjack is the number one popular game. When you consider the low edge of the game, the element of skill in making the right decisions and a large number of variations (many with interesting side bets), you’ll understand why it maintains its number one ranking.

Keep in mind that those side bets have a higher house edge compared to the main game. If the odds of big wins or extra entertainment balance this out – then enjoy it all.

This number includes many variations of Blackjack. You’ll find some weird and wonderful versions out there (alongside the traditional Spanish Rule 21, Pontoon and US / European). These include ‘Burn 21’ and ‘Zappit Blackjack’ (which you will find at the US-only Bovada Casino). The newest game to attract your imagination.

# 2 – Roulette 24% of the Game Action on the Casino Tables


While it is basically a game of pure chance, roulette has captured the imagination of players for centuries. Many people have tried (and failed) to beat the house with creative betting systems over the years. I recommend keeping the house edge small by choosing French Roulette if available and European Roulette if not available. You should also ensure that your casino offers a bonus and compensation for every spin you make (this adds up to a lot of money over time).

There are some interesting Roulette variations out there including Marvel Roulette, which includes an extra slot that leads to a second wheel where you can win a progressive jackpot. You can find it at Ladbrokes Casino. Live-streaming roulette has also grown in popularity, with Evolution Gaming’s ‘Immersive Roulette’, a game full of special effects standing out.

# 3 – Casino Poker Games – 21% of the Casino Table Game Action


There are many variations of casino poker, so it is more of a category than an individual game. Fashion is changing, with Caribbean Stud less popular than ever, and Casino Holdem / Mississippi Stud becoming more popular. Other big variations include Pai Gow Poker, Let Em ‘Ride and 3 Card Poker (often called tri-card poker to solve copyright issues!).

Some of these games include progressive jackpot bets. Caribbean Stud is a great game for this. Not only can you scoop up the potentially life-changing rewards of getting the royal flush, you’ll get smaller payouts for the flush or better in most cases. Two variations of poker are available at live dealer casinos. These are Casino Holdem and 3-Card Poker. The game is played one-to-many, with the dealer dealing with the player / dealer cards and you betting (or folding) virtually via your computer.

# 4 – Baccarat / Punto Banco – 9% Casino Table Game Action


This game is a favorite of the top players in brick and mortar casinos. The reason is the low house edge, taking over 1% of the player / banker bet (don’t bet on a tie, it has a huge house edge!). The Baccarat rules are complex, with certain conditions that need to be met before a 3rd card is drawn. You’ll find that the software takes care of this automatically – so all you need to do is manage your bets.

Punto Banco is another name for basically the same game. Some casinos will offer side bets on the action. Like Blackjack, it has a high edge – although if you enjoy it and add to your entertainment there is no excuse not to give yourself a chance to win big. Baccarat is also now available at live dealer casinos.

# 5 – Craps – 6% off Casino Table Game Action


Craps has been a US favorite for years, although it is now gaining popularity in Europe and Asia as well. The chance to play well at true odds (without a lead) after the pass has been settled adds to the appeal. I must say that this virtual version of the game lacks the fuss and social interactions of the live game. Then again, you can bet on ‘don’t pass’ online, and not many players are brave enough to go against the crowd and do this in a live setting!

Most Popular Table Games – What About the Other 9%?

While 91% of table game action is focused on the 5 games discussed above, there are a few other games that make up the last few percentage points. These include War, Red Dog and Sic-Bo – as well as some of the more imaginative variants of play that casinos seem to be dreaming of every week.

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