3 Roles In The Casino That Has The Biggest Salary

The world of gambling is indeed increasingly widespread in the world. Various casinos were built magnificently in various countries, for example in Las Vegas and Macau which have the largest casino with complete facilities to support comfort so that people who are stunned inside forget about the outside world. The more interesting the world of casino gambling is, the more people come. Here we want to discuss casino workers who have a large enough salary.



A dealer is a person who works on the casino floor and deals directly with the players. Usually they sit at the game table, their job is to manage cards or other game tools for the players. Deler is also in charge of paying for the player’s winnings by withdrawing the bet. There is also something special for exchanging chips at the game table, because each player has different chips.

Those who work at casinos are people who have just graduated from school where several countries have studies that specialize in studying gambling, and they are funded by casinos. A dealer salary of around $ 10 per hour includes tips from players, tips for dealers are also regulated by the casino policy where they work.


Game Supervisor

Maybe some of you rarely see these officers, they work behind the scenes to observe every player via CCTV. They spend hours watching cctv whether there is cheating or not from the dealer or the user. They are in a special room that has been provided. The casino staff salaries $ 12 per hour.

even though they have a lot of responsibility for the casino. This job is considered entry-level, Casino requires their thoroughness in observing the monitors and giving reports if something happens. There is also a career allowance especially for those with experience in this job. You can negotiate a salary if they really need you.

Pit Boss

The pit boss is a manager on the casino floor, just like a manager in an office-office. The pit boss supervises all employees right from the game venue. Usually pit bosses wear special suits so you can recognize them immediately.

Generally a pit boss is a person who is trained in the gambling industry, he has a lot of experience in casinos. Being a pit boss is not easy, they have to supervise every employee and also players who are thriving. The boss salary is around $ 60,000-70,000 being a pit boss must have multi talent skills in the field of gambling.




Those are the 3 types of roles in the casino with the biggest salary. If you are interested in applying for one of these jobs, of course you know what they ask for as a classification for the job.

Author: sysadmin